There are several reasons why organisations and companies are willing to put their toilet in the HogeNood app. A registration is not only beneficial for the users of the HogeNood app, but can also be very attractive for the owners of the toilet location. We describe the most common reasons that a company chooses to register their toilet below.


1. Pure hospitality

There are gems of toilet owners who take it for granted that anyone who needs it can use the toilet. Out of pure hospitality they make the toilet available, they need no further convincing. The fact that they can do someone a favour in this way is more than enough for them.


2. Understanding the problem and wanting to help

Another category of hospitable toilet owners choose to make their toilet public because they themselves recognise the problem. For example, through their own experience or the experience of an acquaintance or family member in dire straits. Most people have (unfortunately) experienced the need to go to the toilet when there is not a toilet in sight. The recognition of this problem ensures that business owners are prepared to make the toilet public. Like no other, they know the relief of finding a toilet on time and if they can do this for someone else, they are happy to do so.


3. Positive image for the company or organisation

As you can read above, an organisation or company that makes its toilets public radiates great hospitality and customer friendliness. People who discover that you can go to the toilet at the company will immediately have a positive association with it. In other words: it improves the image of the company. Besides being an important part of core values for many customer-focused organisations, this positive customer experience also ensures good word-of-mouth advertising and therefore often more customers.  


4. The possibility of passers-by who come into your shop becoming (regular) customers

When a business is in the HogeNood app, more people will enter the shop. How many more depends on the location, the season, etc. And no, an organisation does not have to worry about nuisance. Although it can indeed attract more people to a shop or catering facility, it never happens that there is a constant queue for the toilet. On the other hand, the people who do enter the location via the app are potential customers. There is a good chance that someone immediately buys a small item or sits down for a bite to eat and/or a drink. There will even be people who initially would never have stepped inside of their own accord, but who are positively surprised and come back more often.  


5. More customers because people can continue to shop in centres for longer

In addition, shoppers stay in the city longer if they do not have to go to the toilet. And the longer the public can shop in peace and quiet, the greater the likelihood of buying something from the organisation or company in question.

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