The HogeNood app

Find and rate toilets

The HogeNood app is the most reliable toilet application in the Netherlands. With more than 9,500 controlled locations you can fully rely on the app. It is therefore no coincidence that the app has been priced several times in the Netherlands and abroad.

You can determine your choice of toilet based on previous reviews, distance and facilities. We even know if there is a wastebasket on the toilet and if it is accessible with a euro key. Do you also leave a review for the next visitor after your visit to the toilet?
HogeNood is the application for your mobile phone with which you can find the nearest public toilet or semi-public toilet. Imagine you are shopping, cycling or driving a car in a strange environment and suddenly have to go to the toilet. Where can you go to find the nearest clean toilet?

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HogeNood Prices

The HogeNood app has won several awards. At both Apps4NL and Apps4NH HogeNood has won the audience award and a year later we were even elected as one of the top 10 best apps in Europe.

Apps4NL - Audience Award
Apps4NH - Second place and audience award
Apps4Europe - Top 10 best apps Europe

How the app works

Map view

Name of your toilet in the background of the map.


Distance to your toilet with the option to navigate


Giving or viewing a review. The reviews of the tablet can also be found here.

Screenshot of the HogeNood App Toilet list and toilet information


The logo of your company with the facilities of the toilet.

Opening hours

Opening hours of your toilet or company.

Other information

Toilet information such as accessibility and additional information.

The user

Always a toilet nearby.

With the HogeNood app you can immediately find the nearest accessible toilet with your smartphone. HogeNood shows you the route to the toilet, displays facilities - think of a wheelchair accessible toilet - and provides reviews from previous visitors.

This is how the HogeNood app works