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Toilets belong to a hospitable municipality!

Possibilities to go to the toilet belong to a good hospitable reception of a municipality. This means that you have enough toilets for your shoppers, day trippers and tourists. Why are toilets so important?
Patient stays home

Patients stay at home

In the Netherlands there are 3.5 million abdominal and bladder patients who regularly stay at home for fear of not finding a toilet.
Old person who needs to go to the toilet


The Netherlands is ageing and the 2.4 million elderly people are living at home for longer periods of time. This group of people often has a weaker bladder.
retail vacancy, empty bags

Store Vacancy

Retail vacancy rates are still growing in many municipalities. A shortage of toilets increases this problem as people do not go shopping or go home sooner.
Own home

Better at home

Tourist expats and day trippers also experience the shortage of toilets in the Netherlands where it is often a lot better arranged for them at home.
Map showing all open restrooms in area

Step 1

Make all public and open toilets findable

Determine who within the municipality is responsible for the toilets and contact HogeNood.

Together we will make an inventory of which toilets are already available in the HogeNood app. Together we will map out which public toilets are already available in the municipality.

Then we look at whether toilets can be opened that are located in buildings that are (semi) managed by the municipality, such as the town hall, the library or a sports hall.

All these changes and additions are made under your municipality's account in the HogeNood CMS, so that all toilet data is immediately up to date in the HogeNood app.
Map of open restrooms from organizations

Step 2

Ask organisations in your municipality to open their toilets!

As a municipality, have you done everything possible to make the supply of public and open toilets available in the HogeNood app, but is the supply still not sufficient?

We help with the right approach to ask organisations to open their toilets. This includes various standard documents that contribute to setting this process in motion.

All registered toilets of organisations are then, if desired by both, automatically linked to the municipality account. In this way you will always have insight and a good overview of the range of toilets in your municipality.

If desired, a window sticker can be placed at these locations for extra recognition of the toilet.
Map of welcoming municipality in terms of public restrooms

Step 3

Show how hospitable your municipality is when it comes to public toilets!

If these steps have been carried out successfully, there is no doubt that the range of public toilets on offer will have grown enormously. This can be made known through the media, own social media channels and mention this on the own website.

On the municipality's website, reference can be made to the HogeNood app as a means of finding toilets in the municipality. We also offer the HogeNood iFrame which, with a simple technical link, provides a map with an overview of all toilets in the municipality (this map is linked to our system and provides a real-time overview).

The steps to join as a municipality!

Ready to become a hospitable municipality when it comes to toilets?

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