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We can't make the Benelux toilet friendly alone. We need you to do it! Municipalities play an important role in reducing the shortage of public, accessible and clean toilets. They are the ones who make the policy and decide whether to install public toilets in the municipality. By only placing public toilets, we are not solving the problem yet. For our users (mostly abdominal and bladder patients), it is very important that a toilet can be found within a maximum 500-meter walk.

Therefore, HogeNood makes both public and open toilets findable in the HogeNood app. This means that all toilets of organizations can be open, such as those of catering establishments or stores. We therefore ask all organizations with a toilet to contribute to the HogeNood community and open up their toilet. If you are a user, you can pass on toilet suggestions via the app of toilets that are not yet findable in the HogeNood app. You can also take an active role in contributing to more public and open toilets in your community by going out yourself and asking organizations to open their toilets!

Interaction between municipalities, organizations and facilities to make Benelux toilet friendly together.

Why participate in the HogeNood Community?

There are many reasons why it is valuable to participate in the HogeNood community. Below are a number of important reasons why it is so important to contribute to the HogeNood community and jointly provide more toilets in the Benelux.

Staying at home

The lack of open toilets keeps people from going out the door because they don't know if they can find a toilet nearby quickly.


More open restrooms make the area more attractive and welcoming for longer stays. This makes the community attractive and more inclusive.

Health problems

More open toilets prevent people from developing health problems by delaying their toilet visits.
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Together we are strong

Municipalities play an important role in reducing the shortage of public, accessible and clean toilets. Take the lead as a municipality and work together to solve the toilet shortage. Get advice now about all the possibilities and join HogeNood for an increase in the number of toilets in your community!
"A hospitable city, that includes good sanitation. HogeNood helps to improve the findability of sanitary facilities".
- Municipality of Rotterdam


Do you have a toilet? Open it!

Does your company have one or more toilet locations? Then open your toilet to our users and make it findable via the HogeNood app.
"Do you know the HogeNood app? With this app you can see where you can always go to the toilet! With us you can always run inside when the need is high. Even in these times! (We clean just a little more often)"
- Organization - The Thunderstone


Clean toilets!

Given reviews with the HogeNood app and tablet provide real-time insight into the customer experience in terms of hygiene, scent, atmosphere and the toiletries.

Some of our partners

Municipality of Utrecht
Hectas Facility Services
Municipality of Amsterdam
Municipality of Rotterdam


Always a toilet nearby.

With the HogeNood app you can immediately find the nearest accessible toilet with your smartphone. HogeNood shows you the route to the toilet, displays facilities - think of a wheelchair accessible toilet - and provides reviews from previous visitors. Download the app!
"Fine app, directions, map and even opening hours of pee location. You can even filter by person. What more could you want?"
- Eddy


Opening 1 toilet as an organisation is completely free (package bronze). If you want to add more toilets, manage them and have even more valuable information available in real time, see the other packages.


Show your social commitment and help people with a peeing problem find a toilet quickly and easily! Recording your toilet location is completely free of charge. Don't hesitate and register your toilet directly in the HogeNood app!


Modify your toilets directly in the HogeNood app and/or add new ones? With the silver package you get access to the HogeNood CMS where you can manage all your toilets on a list and map.


With the golden package you will not only be able to manage all toilets, but you will also have access to a clear dashboard with statistics about your toilet and all the reviews given by visitors.

Gold + Tablet

Give your visitors the opportunity to rate your toilet(s) on location via the HogeNood Tablet! This gives you real-time insight into the customer experience and you can focus on the cleaning and any problems on your toilet(s)!