Toilet Management System

In order to be able to properly manage and monitor all information about your toilet(s), you will have access to the HogeNood CMS. Here you can immediately adjust all your toilet information and/or add new toilets. Your toilets are presented in a list and on the map.

The dashboard gives you insight into the customer experience of all your toilets. The customer experience is expressed in an average grade and ratings are given via the HogeNood App or Tablet. Any lower scoring toilets can be viewed in detail via the dashboard. Per week you can see at day level how the scores relate to the cleaning frequency on the toilet.

Are there any problems on the toilet? Click on the problems tab and you will immediately get clear diagrams that give you insight into all the problems that have been reported to your toilet(s). For each toilet, you can see exactly which problems have been reported and when they occurred. Every week you will receive a report about your toilet(s) by e-mail so that you can make a timely response to any problems.

How the CMS works


The report shows the average assessments of the past six weeks. Both the overall average and the four aspects can be read from the graph.


Per day you can clearly see the effects of cleaning (blue) on the average hourly rate (orange). It also shows the number of assessments for a good interpretation of the data.

Municipalities and organisations

Insight and management of all your toilets!

The HogeNood CMS provides insight and full management of all toilets. You can add toilets, put management temporarily offline and obtain valuable statistical information. This enables you to make well-founded choices when it comes to toilets!

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