A big pat on the back for the municipality of Roosendaal for responding to the call of its residents for more public toilets in the centre. This by involving local entrepreneurs in opening their toilets to passers-by, placing "the most inclusive toilet you can have" and making these toilets findable through the HogeNood app. The municipality wants to improve the toilet coverage in the centre and surrounding villages, and the results speak for themselves.

The new inclusive public toilet

Because the municipality considers an inclusive society important, it has ensured that the new toilet on the market is accessible to all. "Everyone is welcome" says councillor Koenraad. "These are the most inclusive toilets you can have."

In installing the toilet, the municipality listened to its residents, including Anne Bleijenberg's request. She asked if it would be possible to install a changing table that disabled children, such as her own five-year-old daughter, could use. This way people who are too big for the baby changing table can also be provided with the necessary care in a hygienic way. The resident is positively surprised with the result "I felt very much heard because of that " she says. "It's an example of inclusiveness, contacts and listening to your citizens and your residents." This gives her family the freedom to get out and about "that means we as a family can get out and about together again."

The municipality of Roosendaal is also working hard on the construction of the new municipal offices. Here too, the installation of inclusive, accessible toilets will be taken into account.


Findability of toilets

To increase the visibility of public toilets within the municipality, stickers are placed on the toilet locations saying "with us you can go to the toilet. In addition, investments have been made in signage and the municipality has joined the HogeNood app where all toilets are listed. This allows everyone to be confident that the nearest accessible toilet within the municipality can be found easily and quickly.


Cooperation with local entrepreneurs

The municipality is trying to meet the Toilet Alliance's stated 500-meter standard as best it can. The Toiletalliantie is an association of interested parties (including the Maag Lever Darm Stichting) that advocate for more toilet locations in the Netherlands. In order to realize the largest possible coverage within the municipality and surrounding villages in a short period of time, cooperation is sought with local (catering) entrepreneurs, shopkeepers and village halls. They are asked if they are willing to open their toilet and mention the toilet location in the HogeNood. In addition to gaining a positive image and the potential for more enthusiastic customers, in this way they will together ensure an accessible, hospitable and inclusive municipality.

Roosendaal municipality has already been able to add over 20 more toilets to the app thanks to these kind entrepreneurs. This is a very nice result and the municipality hopes to add more toilet locations in the future.

Find out more about the placement and opening of the toilet and the municipality's reasoning behind it in this video.