HighNeed products

For the community, we have developed several products that help find and rate toilets.

The HogeNood app is the most reliable toilet app in the Netherlands and is built for anyone who wants to quickly find the nearest toilet. With more than 10,000 toilet locations, you can fully rely on the app to find a toilet that meets your requirements.

Whereas with the HogeNood app it is already possible to give reviews, this is completely easy with the tablet. In addition, the tablet is used by facility for the cleaning schedule.

The CMS was developed for municipalities and organizations that are partners and want to do their part to make the Netherlands more toilet-friendly where the information can be easily kept up to date.

Products from HogeNood, Tablet, HogeNood App and CMS

The products

The HogeNood App

With the HogeNood app you can immediately find the nearest accessible toilet with your smartphone. HogeNood shows you the route to the toilet, displays facilities - think of a wheelchair accessible toilet - and provides reviews from previous visitors.

The HogeNood CMS

With the HogeNood CMS you can manage the information presented in the HogeNood app and/or tablet. In addition, the dashboard gives you real-time insight into the reviews and cleaning.

The HogeNood Tablet

The HogeNood tablet is hung up in your washroom and makes it easy for visitors to assess the toilet immediately after their visit. The tablet can also serve as a digital cleaning schedule and eliminates the need for a handwritten check-out list.

HogeNood toilets

With more than 9,500 controlled toilet locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, you can fully rely on the HogeNood app. You can determine your toilet choice on the basis of previous assessments, distance and facilities. We even know if there is a trash can on the toilet and if it is accessible with a euro key. Do you also leave a review for the next visitor after your toilet visit?

Accessible to men.

Accessible for men with waste bucket in restroom.

Accessible to women

Accessible to women with waste bucket in restroom.

Toilet room is wheelchair accessible.

Features baby changing table.

Features adult changing table.

Toilet room is accessible with a Euro key.