Open your toilet!

Why open my toilet(s)?

Everybody has to go to the toilet sometimes. If there are no toilets in shops and restaurants or other buildings in city centres, customers spend less and the lower the turnover. Conversely, the more toilets, the longer customers stay and the more they spend.

Why open my toilet(s)?
On average, each customer has to go to the toilet 4 to 8 times a day.
One in four abdominal patients regularly stay at home for fear of not finding a toilet.
Fewer toilets means fewer impulse purchases
Women find the availability of toilets more important than a friendly atmosphere or helpful shop service
Free accessible toilets fit in with a hospitable and customer-friendly image.
Sign in your toilet!

Medical HogeNood

Only accessible to HogeNood users with a medical condition

HogeNood calls on organisations to register their toilet location as an open toilet. If this is not possible, we call on you to register your toilet facility as a HogeNood Medical facility. This means that only people with a medical condition will use your toilet.

A HogeNood medical toilet offers a solution if, for example, your toilet is only accessible to staff but you do not find it a problem if someone with HogeNood medical conditions is allowed to use your toilet. The HogeNood app users can only find your location if they have demonstrated that they have a medical problem.

Partners HogeNood Medical

Medical HogeNood has been made possible by: Maag Lever Darm Stichting, CCUVN, PDSB, Stomavereniging and SPKS.