Accessibility Statement

HogeNood is working hard to make this website as accessible as possible. HogeNood aims to fully comply with the standard for accessibility according to WCAG2.1 at level AA. We are currently an aspiring member of the DDAI (Dutch Digital Accessibility Index).

Everyone should be able to easily find, use and view the HogeNood website.

Are you running into an accessibility problem? Or do you have a question or comment about accessibility? Please let us know. By doing so, you help us improve the website. You can make your report by sending an e-mail via our contact form.


  • The problem you are facing
  • The link to the page it is about
  • Preferably indicate what operating system you use, what browser software you have, whether you have adjusted settings, and whether you use assistive devices, screen reader, screen magnifier software, voice recognition software.

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