Yeah, I'm committed to the HogeNood community!

Do you also see the need to solve this problem together and want to contribute? We offer several opportunities to continuously improve the HogeNood app.

HogeNood, along with others, has been committed to more accessible and clean restrooms for years. Ultimately, we do this all for you, the user of HogeNood app. Besides the HogeNood platform, we need municipalities, organizations and facility parties to solve the shortage of toilets, among other things. You as a user can also actively contribute to this!

Do a toilet suggestion!

Do you come across a toilet in a building or shop that you think could be opened? Add it easily via the HogeNood app or via our web form. If you are on location, ask the owner for his approval at the same time and indicate this at the toilet registration.

Notify changes

Have you visited a restroom using the HogeNood app and find out on location that the information on the app is (partially) incorrect? Click submit change in the app and indicate what is incorrect.

Give a review

We are curious about your opinion about the toilet visit and would like to see your review in the app.

Commit yourself to more toilets in your municipality!

Contact HogeNood and/or your municipality if you would like to use the HogeNood app for more toilets. Together we will ensure that you are put in the position to quickly and easily contribute to increasing the number and quality of toilets in your municipality.

Is your municipality not yet affiliated with HogeNood? Then we will make sure that we get in contact with them first.
Please contact us!