The municipality of Utrecht is in the process of installing temporary public toilets at Park Lepelenburg and Wilhelminapark. Temporary facilities have already been placed in other parks.

In the busy areas of Utrecht a public toilet should always be within 250 meters walking distance. That is at least the wish of the municipality. That is why temporary toilets have now been installed at Park Paardenveld, Griftpark and Maximapark.

At Park Lepelenburg and Wilhelminapark we are still working on temporary units. "Here we also include your wish to make this pandemic resistant and self-cleaning", according to the municipality.

Last month, Alderman Kees Diepeveen said that a quicker placement of the permanent toilets at the Griftpark, Park Lepelenburg and Wilhelminapark was being considered. Because these cannot be realized in the short term, we are now working on a temporary solution.


Because of the corona virus, the number of public toilets has temporarily decreased considerably. Facilities in the public space were closed off and the toilets in the various catering establishments and public buildings were also inaccessible.

Now that the spread of the virus is decreasing and many measures are being eased, the toilets in the public area have reopened. For example, the urilifts at the Janskerkhof and the Mariaplaats can be used again.

Under normal circumstances these toilets are only up in the weekends, but now it has been decided to keep them open longer. The municipality is investigating whether it is possible to permanently raise these urilifts more often.


All public toilets can be found in the HogeNood app. The municipality says that the distribution of public facilities currently complies with the 250-metre rule, but also that there are still steps to be taken in the future.

"There are still steps to be taken in the future, especially now that more intensive use of parks and public space is likely. We will continue to discuss with our entrepreneurs how we can provide a good supply together".


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