The Board of Mayor and Aldermen of the Municipality of Amersfoort has approved a toilet plan to construct at least five new public toilets in the coming years. The toilets will be accessible to everyone, including residents and visitors with disabilities. In the period 2023 - 2026, the municipality reserves an annual budget for this. With this, the Municipality of Amersfoort is responding to the call of several city residents that more public toilets are needed, especially in the city center and shopping centers.

Councilwoman Micheline Paffen comments: "I am very happy that we are one step closer to making Amersfoort even more accessible. Amersfoort is an inclusive city. A toilet is a basic facility for everyone. So people can feel free to visit our beautiful downtown at all times of the day."

Lack of toilets

Currently, the center of Amersfoort has only 1 public toilet near the Joriskerk on the Hof that is accessible to everyone 24/7. Residents with disabilities have regularly complained to the municipality. The lack of public and accessible toilets is a problem and it leads to people with disabilities or chronic illnesses being reluctant to come to the center. Several business owners have also expressed to the municipality the need for more public restrooms in the center.

Toilet location open in Amersfoort

In the coming period, the Municipality of Amersfoort is committed to encouraging more downtown locations to sign up for the HogeNood app. Are you a business owner and want to offer your accessible toilet during opening hours? Then sign up through the ToilAdd and do not forget to enter the link code 3Jz1.

Source: website municipality Amersfoort
Photo: provided by municipality Amersfoort