NOTE: The information displayed on this map is a snapshot of 31-10-2020 and is no longer up-to-date. Changes in the toilet data that have been applied in the meantime are not shown on this map.

The total number of toilets on 31-10-2020 in the Netherlands is 6,900, of which 1,899 are located in city centres. There are 260 public toilets in the city centres and 1,639 open toilets. The average coverage rate is 53.1% (i.e. the proportion of the area within city centres that is within 250 metres of a toilet). The city centre pop-ups refer to a target number of toilets. This is calculated on the basis of the circular area of the 250-metre buffer. The starting point is that there should always be a toilet within 250 metres. The target number is a minimum and does not take into account the possible disproportionate distribution of toilets. The map layer with city centres consists of clusters of CBS districts. A neighbourhood belongs to a city centre if the name of the neighbourhood or district in which it is located is described as "centre", "inner city", etc.