The total number of toilets in the Netherlands at 31-10-2020 is 6,900, of which 1,899 are located in city centres. In the city centers there are 260 public toilets and 1,639 open toilets. The average coverage rate is 53.1% (i.e. the part of the area within city centres that is within 250 meters of a toilet). The pop-ups from city centres talk about a target number of toilets. This has been calculated on the basis of the circular area of the 250 meter buffer. The starting point is that there should always be a toilet within 250 meters. The target number is a minimum and does not take into account the possible disproportionate distribution of toilets. The map layer with city centres consists of clusters of CBS neighbourhoods. A neighbourhood belongs to a city centre if the name of the neighbourhood or district in which the neighbourhood is located is described as 'centre', 'inner city', etc.